Thursday, August 27, 2009


My office is all a twitter about getting inked....I personally have never done such a thing

A women I work with put it so elegantly I think, it make even me (girl who is terrified of getting a tattoo).

She said "I can't imagine dieing without leaving a mark or altering my own body in some way" I thought it was a very unique way to look at tattooing and I think it certainly beat the "well think about how it will look when I'm 50" argument.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1/4 life crisis

I know people talk at great lengths about going through a midlife crisis...but what about when you have a 1/4 life crisis..

It 100% happens to most 20 - 25 young adults....well that is just the thing, are you an adult? Are you still supposed to enjoy the freedom of your twenties? Should you be career driven..what if you still have no idea what your career should be. Is it time to be thinking about settling down and getting married starting a family?

There are so many pressures. Family pressures to bring home the babies, social pressures to climb the latter and not settle down too quickly.

All of it is so stressful it could give you an ulcer.

I think it is such a weird place to be...I know I want to one day get married but I don't think I am ready yet, but I do find myself lingering at the bridal magazine section. I want to climb the corporate latter, but I struggle with maintaining the proper work life balance. It is a constant battle...a struggle to find that perfect balance for each individual person.

I think that is the real challenge, for each person it is a different struggle. Each person has different things they are trying to figure out and what they are trying to achieve.

Maybe that is why people say they loves their 30's so much?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summer time...

Is almost over...

But there is still so much to discover. September is supposed to be beautiful and I fully intend to finish my summer activities list

1 -- Toronto Island

2 -- The distillery district

3 -- Crush Wine Bar

4 -- Sotto Sotto

5 -- CNE

Wow there is still so much to do!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Short Weeks

How great is it to come back to work after a long weekend and realize you have already made it to Tuesday. The whole week is actually like a weekend. I am always more pron to go out at night, head to a movie, or do a bit of shopping. I wish I only ever worked 4 days a week. That would make me very happy. I think it would help to balance my life actually. I feel like on a 4 day week I actually get time for me and my life.

It really is wonderful.