Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I mean I love to write in my blog...it is my outlet. My personal rant.

But does anyone read it. I supposed most people do not, in this world there are millions of blogs of people speaking about lots of things, cooking, fashion, hunting, biking, travel.I suppose very few people will read a blog about my journey and why I happen to be feeling on that particular day.

When you search for me in google my blog does not come anywhere near the top. But I don't really write this for money or popularity...this is my expression. I feel like it is so important for each person to have their own outlet...about their life, family, friends, interests. You need something personal that you put out there 100% and say yes this is who I am and this is what I think.

What a freedom we have in this world today to write this information and put it out there and wonder if maybe someone stumbles across it and has a read...at the very least I know my little twin will read and that makes me happy!

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