Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wow is it hard to find a job in this recession!

I am finding it so difficult to find a job. I have experience and a university degree with a double major. It shouldn't be this hard. I guess that is life thought.

Everyday I check Monster and Workopolis, I check the paper and listen to loads of people tell me I need to get in contact with this person or that. It is a hard thing to do, to put yourself out there.

It must have been a cool thing to graduate high school or uni and actually have jobs available for you to start climbing the corporate ladder. Today, you don't get those opportunities, and most people my age think they need to start with a job that pays 75K a year. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

I think the best way to find a job is through the people you know....well it is the easiest way...who do I know?

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