Friday, April 3, 2009

Sucess..sort of

Ok so I found a job....and it is in the field I was looking in....and I am completely over qualified to do it. I mean lets face it, I am writing the blog right now! AWESOME!

Being the positive person that I am, I will say that I think the people are fantastic and the atmosphere is great. I just wish I was doing something that paid more and was more challenging. Oh well!

Good news is the Hills start on Monday....I have been following Heidi Montage on Twitter and this chick hasn't got a clue. I mean she barely has a high school diploma and is making millions and is telling the world follow your dreams.....ok hear is the real deal...if you want to follow your dreams you should 100% do it! But it takes a lot of work, like I mean a lot. you have to be the first one in and last one to leave. If you want it you need to eat sleep and breath it! And you have to be willing to do a lot in order to get there!

Small rant but there you go...

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