Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tax returns take FOREVER says it takes 6 weeks....we are going on like 10 now people.....It sucks when you are making so little money to begin with that you really need that check...especially when you splurged on the most beautiful pair of Marc Jacobs jeans!

Ok I am in no way going to be referring to myself as a irresponsible shopaholic like the one depicted in the Sophie Kinsella novels. But once in a while I just go a little wild, which is really fun but then I have to pay for it and it makes me sick to my stomach, I hate having any debt......not to mention the looming student loan hanging over my head (which consiquencly I do not think we should have to start paying back until 5 years after we graduate where there are more realistic funds at our disposal). It is all just too much! The stress of it all might give me an ulcer. I hope not though, because I couldn't afford the time off work.

Being 20 and at the bottom of the food chain is the least fun thing ever....

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